Jim Motavalli — Iceland: Here We Are, Plug Us In

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Posted on: 08/26/10

What country will be the first to make electric cars the default national transportation? If collective will made things happen, it would probably be the tiny green country of Iceland.

I’m going to be taking part in and helping plan Driving Sustainability 2010, a conference on electric cars taking place this fall in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city. Greater Reykjavik is home to 200,000 people, which is two thirds of the entire population.

Some 75 percent of Iceland’s population lives within 37 miles of Reykjavik, and the rural areas (connected by an 840-mile ring road) could probably be wired with just 15 fast-charging stations. That, coupled with the fact that 80 percent of Iceland’s energy is cheaply produced renewable (from geothermal and hydro) should give you a good idea why this is the ideal test bed for electric vehicles.

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I agree! I wish more countries, like our own, would roll out electric transportation or alternative clean energy vehicles.

By Homeopathy on 2011 09 23

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By fidelgill on 2011 12 02

Talking about electric cars? Why are they so hooked up with the electric cars? They only run on electricity but basically built with the same Drivetrain parts.

By LarryPage on 2012 03 21

@Larry, c’mon seriously? People need to think outside the box. Electric is safe for the planet for starters. In 2013 electric cars are STILL struggling to make headway. Price and convenience is key. Whether driving electric or gas, be safe. Buy hands free smartphone accessories and NEVER text and drive folks!

By David Grant on 2013 02 16

Yes electric cars make sense. They don’t yet make enough money for makers to endorse or push the market in that direction. It’s pretty basic. More marketing comes when the marketplace starts demanding the technology. Like tobacco. Lots of money behind the scenes. People who like GTA 5 PC are the same types who buy into gas guzzling tanks.—TJ

By TJ Dillishaw on 2013 07 04

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