Attendees of DS 07, 08, 09 & 10 Conferences




A123 system - lithium-ion batteries for cars USA Auto Industry
Africa Practice England Research/Consulting
Air Iceland Iceland Aviation
Almenna Verkfræðistofan Iceland Engineering
Alta Iceland Research/Consulting
Althingi- Iceland Parliament Iceland Government
Amberjac Projects England Organization
Atlantic oil Iceland Energy
Auður Capital Iceland Finance
Autoblog Green USA Media
B & L and Ingvar Helgason Iceland Auto Industry
Better Place USA Infrastructure
Biogas Vast Sweden Organization
Brimborg - Ford, Volvo dealership Iceland Auto Industry
Brno City Czech Republic Municipal
Bru Vantage Capital Iceland Finance
BYD Auto Europe China Auto Industry
California Cars USA Organization
Carbon Reycycling Iceland Energy
CBS Interactive USA Media
Channel 2 - TV Iceland Media
Chinese Embassy in Iceland China Government
Colorado School of Mines USA Academia
Copenhagen City Denmark Municipal
Cowi A/ÆS Denmark Research/Consulting
Danish Embassy in Iceland Denmark Government
Danish Energy Agency Denmark Government
Data Resources Japan Research/Consulting
Dong Energy Denmark Energy
DPMB Public Transport Czech Republic Transportation
Econet Spain Consulting
Efla Engineering Iceland Engineering
Eimskip Iceland Transportation
Energy Agency Iceland Iceland Organization
Energy Agency in Iceland Iceland Government
Energy Research Centre - ECN Netherlands Organization
Environice Iceland Research/Consulting
Fast Future UK Consulting
Ford USA USA Auto Industry
French Council of Energy France Government
Fréttabladid - newspaper Iceland Media
Frumherji hf Iceland Auto Industry
Fynbus Denmark Transportation
Gamst Consulting Norway Consulting
Geysir Green Energy Iceland Energy
Gothenburg City Sweden Municipal
Government of Greenland Greenland Government
Hekla - VW, Mitsubishi dealership Iceland Auto Industry
HS Energy Iceland Energy
Hús & Skipulag Iceland Architecture
Iceland Chamber of Commerce Iceland Organization
Iceland New Energy - Íslensk Nýorka Iceland Research/Consulting
Iceland Oil Ltd. (Olís) Iceland Energy
Iceland Post Iceland Transportation
Icelandair Iceland Aviation
Icelandic Hydrogen Iceland Energy
Icelandic Recycling Fund Iceland Finance
Icelandic Road Administration Iceland Infrastructure
Innostart Hungary Consulting
Innovation Center Iceland Iceland Organization
Islandsbanki Iceland Finance
Islandssstofa-Promote Iceland Government
Islenska Gámafélagið Iceland Transportation
Japanese Embassy in Iceland Japan Government
Jardfeingi Faroe Islands Energy
JiaYuan Electric Vehicles China Auto Industry
Kaupthing Bank Iceland Finance
Kaupthing Bank Sweden Finance
Keilir University Iceland Academia
Killacycle USA Auto Industry
Klak - Innovation Centre Iceland Consulting
Klettur-Hekla Machinery Iceland Auto Industry
Landsbanki Iceland Finance
Landsnet (Icegrid) Iceland Energy
Landsvirkjun Energy Iceland Energy
Landsvirkjun Power Iceland Finance
Línuhönnun Iceland Engineering
Malmö City Sweden Municipal
Mannvit Engineering Iceland Engineering
Markmar Iceland Research/Consulting
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT USA Academia
Metan - Biogas manufacurer Iceland Energy
Ministry for Foreign Affairs Iceland Government
Ministry For the Environment Iceland Government
Ministry of Communications Iceland Government
Ministry of Finance Iceland Government
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade New Zealand Government
Ministry of Industry France Government
Ministry of Industry Iceland Government
Ministry of Research, Science & Technology New Zealand Government
Ministry of Trade and Industry Faroe Islands Government
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Japan Auto Industry
Mitsubishi Motor Company Japan/Europe Auto Industry
Morgunbladid newspaper Iceland Media
MP Bank Iceland Finance
N1 AutoMotive Retailer Iceland Energy
National Energy Authority Iceland Government
National Energy Authority Iceland Organization
National Energy Fund Iceland Organization
Norden - Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Organization
Nordic Energy Research Nordic Organization
Nordic Innovation Center Nordic Organization
Norstart Norway Organization
Northern Lights Energy Iceland Auto Industry
Norwegian Embassy in Iceland Norway Government
NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory USA Government
Nuevo Vehicles Iceland Technology
OPEC UK Organization
Orkusalan Iceland Energy
Papercut Films USA Media
President of Iceland Iceland Government
RARIK Iceland Energy
Remake Electric Iceland Energy
Reykjavík City Iceland Municipal
Reykjavík Energy Iceland Energy
Reykjavík Grapevine magazine Iceland Media
Reykjavík University Iceland Academia
Road Traffic Directorate Iceland Infrastructure
Rocky Mountain Institute USA Research/Consulting
RUV - television Iceland Media
Sakti 3 batteries for cars USA Auto Industry
Samorka - Icelandic Energy and Utilities Iceland Organization
Samskip Iceland Transportation
Scandinavian GtS - biogas manufacturer Sweden Energy
Sekab -ethanol import Sweden Energy
Shell Europe Netherlands Energy
SI- Federation of Icelandic Industries Iceland Organization
Skaggs Design USA Media
Sky News UK Media
Solar Impulse Switzerland Organization
Sorpa recycling Iceland Energy
State Electric Power works (Rarik) Iceland Energy
State Trading Centre Iceland Government
Stockholm City Sweden Municipal
Strætó bs (Bus Service) Iceland Transportation
Strokkur Energy Iceland Finance
SVÞ - Federation of Trade and Services Iceland Organization
Swedish Association of Green Motorists Sweden Organization
Swedish Embassy in Iceland Sweden Government
Swedish Road Administration Sweden Infrastructure
Swiss Energy Council Switzerland Government
Tages Anzeiger magazine Switzerland Media
Teknís - Metal Industry Iceland Auto Industry
The Environment Agency of Iceland Iceland Organization
Think Global Norway Auto Industry
Throunarélag Iceland Consulting
Tokyo Electric Power Company Japan Energy
Toyota Europe Belgium Auto Industry
Toyota Iceland Iceland Auto Industry
UNEP Risö Centre for Energy, Climate & Sust. Devel. Denmark Research/Consulting
University of Akureyri Iceland Academia
University of Iceland Iceland Academia
University of Michigan USA Academia
US Department of Energy USA Government
Vattenfall Sweden Energy
Vegsýn Iceland Media
Vélamiðstöðin Iceland Transportation
Viðskiptabladid newspaper Iceland Media
VST Rafteikning Iceland Engineering

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