Jim Motavalli Interview with Chris Paine

Jim Motavalli interviews Chris Paine, Director of Who Killed The Electric Car and speaker at DS10 Reykjavik on WPKN radio in Connecticut covering a wide range of…

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Jim Motavalli — Iceland: Here We Are, Plug Us In

Iceland -- with renewable energy almost too cheap to meter and a small, tech-savvy population -- is the perfect candidate for electric cars. The challenge is to get the world…

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Confirmed Speaker: Cristiano Carlutti

We are pleased to announce that Cristiano Carlutti will be speaking at DS10 Reykjavík. Cristiano is Vice President of European Sales and Operations for Tesla Motors.

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Confirmed Speaker: Paolo Salvatore

We are pleased to announce that Paolo Salvatore will be speaking at DS10 Reykjavík. Paolo Salvatore is Managing Director of CIAOTECH Srl (member of PNO Group).

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Confirmed Speaker: Chris Bangle

We are pleased to announce that Chris Bangle will be speaking at DS10 Reykjavík. Chris was the former Chief of Design for BMW.

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Inspired by Iceland

A new site with some great video promoting all things Iceland. If you haven't been here before, now's the time! Visit it here.

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Pétur Haraldsson: International Newsmaker Q&A

Founder and Executive Chairman of Driving Sustainability, Pétur Haraldsson was interviewed by James Guyette of Aftermarket Business. Highlights of the interview include insight into the impact of the Icelandic economy…

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Iceland’s export of EV expertise aims to put the freeze on automotive pollutants

Although international air travelers may wish that Iceland's infamous Eyjafjallajokull volcano put its ash somewhere else, the underlying geographic conditions belching super-heated gases from below are assisting with a global…

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Iceland looks to green, innovative income sources

Greek unions this week ramped up a revolt against draconian budget cuts as their government faced new pressure to reign in a deficit that has sparked the most serious crisis…

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DS09 Reykjavík: A Big Success

This year's forum, like those prior, was a major success with over 200 attendees from 25 countries and a serious line up of speakers from 9 countries converging in Reykjavík,…

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DS09 Reykjavík: 200 Delegates From Over 20 Countries Registered

Nordic and International Leaders in Green Mobility assemble in Reykjavík, Iceland Monday to discuss the latest developments in the field at third Driving Sustainability conference.

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